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Increase the yield & total cultivation area of avocado fruits in India

Increase awareness regarding the utility of Avocado Fruits in India thereby increasing the usage of avocado fruits

To associate with national as well as international organizations pertaining to avocado for increase in the cultivation of this fruit in India

To cultivate & propagate new species of avocado on personal as well as business fronts.

To understand the profitability of avocado cultivation & enable the growers to achieve the same

  Process to achieve our objectives

All India Avocado Producers Association” is a effort initiated in Nashik for the benefits of the community. Our experience suggests that there are various organizations which are already supporting & helping growth & cultivation of different species of fruits & vegetables all over India. But whenever a new organization takes birth, it has to pass through various difficulties & hence to avoid any such future hassles for Avocado, AIAPA thought it is the right time we launch an effort organization for Avocado Fruits in India.


All India Avocado Producers Association, Nashik in future will work under the society act or Producer company act or under section 25 of non profit organization. We have been eying all India status for our organization as we observed the growth of avocados already in various parts of Kerala, Maharashtra, Sikkim & Tamilnadu.


Avocado fruit is still in experimental stage. Hence to enable growers work in groups / associations & get benefited, All India Avocado Producers Association is formed under the aegis of Balram Rural Development & Agri Research Centre.


AIAPA will constitute Mr. Prabhakar Saave as the Chairman, Mr. Subhash Tidke as Vice Chairman & Mr. Abhilash Gorhe as the Secretary.


On 11th dec 2010 in the meeting held by NHB at Mumbai it was decided to import plants & tissues with the support of Agro Development Centre Nashik. The development centre has ordered to make a proposal for the same & duly submit it. In this meeting Mr. Satyanarayan of Plant Quarantine division was also present. He provided useful guidance regarding avocado & promised for future support as well. This meeting was called by Mr. Bijoykumar of NHB & he himself was the chair person for it. Also it was discussed to develop avocado through tissue culture.


To find out about the current growers of avocado & involve them in this association along with providing them useful information on the fruit.


To generate awareness in the scientists all over India about this fruit & take their help in developing the future of it properly. Also we propose to form National level association for avocado in Nashik for the same.


To prepare a chain for suppliers of avocado, to understand the suppliers needs & difficulties & help & aid them in every way possible.


To Prepare a Manual for proper growth of avocado through Good Agricultural Practice & also a manual for organic manufacturing of avocado.


To find out whether avocado could be the fruit whose cultivation could be the replacement for today’s grape cultivation in nashik. Also to study whether avocado can be as profitable as grape & mangoes.

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